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Name: Mike Hayes
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Mike Hayes is an expert in the world of young adult ministry (20s and 30s) in the Catholic Church and the author of Googling God (Paulist, 2007). Mike co-founded the award winning BustedHalo.com® in 2001 and continues to contribute to it as the editor of their catechetical section appropriately named Googling God. Recently, he left BustedHalo® to focus on more direct ministry with young people at St Joseph University Parish as a Campus Minister for the South Campus at the University at Buffalo.

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  2. Intentional Giving — August 24, 2014
  3. Desolation, Robin Williams and St. Ignatius — August 12, 2014
  4. Do You Have the Time? — August 4, 2014
  5. An Inspiring Ignatian Year — July 31, 2014

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Sep 05

Working with Joan Rivers at WOR

They say all comedy comes from pain. My late college roommate was a stand up comic and his illness was a major piece of his comedy. During the late 90s I worked with Joan Rivers at WOR Radio and I believe this was certainly true for her as well. Joan lived through the suicide of …

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Aug 24

Intentional Giving

I’ve been surprised to hear a bunch of hullaballoo about the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, which, by the way I did. I’ll get to the windstorm in a second but, I’d like to say in hindsight that my friend and colleague Kathryn Heetdirks has a father with ALS and so I’m glad I could honor …

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Aug 12

Desolation, Robin Williams and St. Ignatius

Desolation is the feeling that nothing matters, nothing can ever be set right again. God has no redemptive power and the world is meaningless. Desolation is the great abyss and Ignatius knew that we will all face it. Sometimes desolation is so severe that it takes over our minds to the point that we cannot …

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Aug 04

Do You Have the Time?

Time..don’t run out on me. It’s a phrase that I’ve mentioned often in ministry as being an element that is essential to the development of faith. I challenge spiritual directees to prioritize their relationship with God by dedicating at least 20 minutes a day to prayer with the hopeful development that 20 minutes will turn …

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Jul 31

An Inspiring Ignatian Year

On this feast of St. Ignatius of Loyola, I’m blessed to have spent a year officially in the Ignatian family. Although, I have spent a majority of my adult life around Jesuits, 2013-14 was the first school year where I drew a paycheck from an Ignatian institution as a professional campus minister. This past year …

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Jun 24

Who is Harder to Mourn: Dogs or Humans?

Jayme Stayer, SJ over at The Jesuit Post, recently lost his beloved Basset Hound, Tristan Xavier. The pain, I assume was twice as bad as when he had to choose between his dog and joining the Jesuits. I can remember a friend described a conversation he had with the members of his religious community when …

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Jun 18

Coffee With Meg

Meg with a Bunny at Casa de Solidaridad, a study abroad program through Santa Clara.

So for most of my life I have not been a coffee drinker. I can remember drinking one large cup of coffee when I was an undergrad pulling an all-nighter (By the way, it didn’t help). In general, I just haven’t acquired the taste. Mostly I don’t like the taste, or I should say I …

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Jun 17

Being Led

Looking through an old retreat notebook I dug up a morning offering and thought I would share it today. Where O God, am I being led by Your love? By My love? By Your pulling and pushing, prodding and pestering? Teach me my heart’s deep desires These moments that awaken me To my truest self …

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May 22

To Live, With Risk

I’m not a missionary. That is clear. I look at people here in El Salvador and admire them, but I know myself enough to know that I am not called to this work long term. I am instead a “provider of experiences” for young, idealistic college students, many of whom are indeed going to be …

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May 21

Those Who Restore Dignity


I’m writing today from San Salvador on an immersion trip with my students. We’ve been here for three days now and it’s been fantastic and a nice stretch for me. I speak just a little Spanish but enough to grab some phrases here or there. About half of our students are fluent speakers (out of …

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