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Nov 30

Let’s Not Rush Jesus, Shall We?

With over half a dozen radio stations moving into all-Christmas music formats these days and the malls filled with stuffed bears singing Christmas Carols and everyone generally getting into the holiday spirit with Thanksgiving squarely behind us and Advent just a day away, I have only one thing to say. Stop rushing Jesus. How often …

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Dec 23

Eclipsing Advent?

Read this in a heavy Yiddish accent: “And how does this happen to me, that the mother of my Lord should come to me? For at the moment the sound of your greeting reached my ears, the infant in my womb leaped for joy.” – Elizabeth to Mary. It makes the whole scene come alive, …

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Dec 18

God Whispers It’s OK

Fran over at Albany’s There Will be Bread blog has a really inspiring post today and reminds us that God has seen us through countless tragedies and asks us if can trust that? This is something that I and friends in the past few days have struggled with. Straddling the line between forgiveness, horror and …

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Dec 18

Jesus: In or Out


So the debate rages on in our house regarding this Christmas tradition: Do we put the baby Jesus in the manger or do we wait until Christmas for the bambino to make His appearance? Here’s my wife, Marion’s take. “No. You wait until Christmas Eve and when you come home from Midnight Mass you put …

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Dec 10

We Need a Little Christmas…Sez Fr. Austin


My dear friend, who I only know through his blog, Fr. Austin wrote an amazing homily for the 2nd Sunday of Advent. Included is his Christmas letter to God (as opposed to Santa). And he gives us several things to think about, so be sure to go and read the whole post over at his …

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Dec 05

Wait for It

We’ve heard the term a number of times…mostly made famous now by Barney Stinson, the character on How I Met Your Mother played brilliantly by Neil Patrick Harris. Wait for it…. But what indeed do we ever wait for? I was chiding a friend yesterday for not being on Facebook. I told him that he’d …

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Dec 03

A St Joseph Advent Prayer

Saint Joseph 041

I held him in my arms While Mary rested Overwhelmed we were A long journey behind us A longer one in front of us I rested him in the wood of the manger with the itchy hay and a donkey eating his pillow now and again. The wood called to me Working with wood Is …

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Dec 02

From the Archives: St. Joseph Who?

Fr. Jim McDermott, S.J. produced this short video with me playing the role of St. Joseph in 2008. I dug it up the other day and it still makes me laugh. And now St. Joseph is the patron saint of my parish in Buffalo. Enjoy and Happy Advent!

Nov 25

Outward and Inward Hearts

On today’s feast of Christ the King, Fr. Jack Ledwon, my pastor, reminded me in this morning’s homily that Jesus is really the King of Hearts, a king like no other. The only space that Jesus looks to own is the space of our hearts. It gave me pause when he asked “How much of …

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Dec 20

Seeing Christ in the Telemarketer

While I was in college one of my work-study jobs was to work at the phon-o-thon center where our job was to call alumni for donations. The result of every phone call was one of two reactions: 1) “OMG FORDHAM! I love Fordham! I remember hanging out until 4 AM on Edward’s Parade my senior …

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