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Jun 18

Coffee With Meg

Meg with a Bunny at Casa de Solidaridad, a study abroad program through Santa Clara.

So for most of my life I have not been a coffee drinker. I can remember drinking one large cup of coffee when I was an undergrad pulling an all-nighter (By the way, it didn’t help). In general, I just haven’t acquired the taste. Mostly I don’t like the taste, or I should say I …

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Feb 17

Why Do Campus Ministries Have “Permanent Communities?”


In New Mexico a story came out this week that the Archbishop of Santa Fe has asked the Dominicans to leave the Newman Center at the University of New Mexico. He will replace them with younger priests from the diocese who have no experience in Campus Ministry, but the guy who will be the pastor …

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Feb 13

A Prayer for Sarah

This morning my friend and colleague, Sarah Signorino will likely give birth to a daughter, whom she has already named Clare. So I’ve dedicated my morning prayer to her and her family, Jarrod and her little girl, Mary who is going to be the best big sister ever. If I’m honest with myself, it’s sometimes …

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Jan 24

Solidarity and Dignity

One of my colleagues woke up this morning to no heat in subzero wind chill weather. He escaped to a Starbucks with his family to get warm and to use the internet on a morning where a major project was due. It reminded me of a Winter Service Break where we had to spend just …

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Jan 15

If You Haven’t Been Watching Hoops Star Billy Baron

You’re missing something. He’s been amazing here at Canisius. And his dad is also the Coach at Canisius and is a great guy. I’ve forgiven him for breaking my heart when he was the coach at St. Francis of Loretto in PA and he beat Fordham to stop their run for the NCAA tournament. A …

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Dec 17

One Semester Down

Apologies for the lack of blogging over the last few months. To be honest it’s been a whirlwind lately. I’m getting used to new job responsibilities and balancing family life and other part-time gigs. I should have all of this down by Mid-January and then I can work out some kind of daily blogging schedule …

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Nov 01

For All the Saints


“Saints are ordinary people who have done extraordinary things.” So said, Sr. Caroline as I grew up and attended CCD classes at Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Church in the late 70s. Far be it from me to disagree with this lovely woman, but I think Saints are much more than that. They are ordinary …

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Oct 28

Lessons From Retreat


This past weekend I attended my first Kairos retreat at Canisius. It was a big chance for me to get to know the students well here. Many of whom I already had a good relationship with I was able to deepen that relationship and that really touches my heart deeply. I can’t divulge much of …

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Oct 11

Help Petey and Canisius Win a National Championship!


So in case you missed this… Canisius College’s Mascot (who is really cool!) Petey Griffin has advanced to the finals of the Catholic Mascotology Contest on It’s been a long road to the finals. First we beat local rival the St Bonaventure Bona Wolf. Then it was a major upset for us over the …

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Oct 10

Petey Griffin vs. The Fordham Ram


So I’m a proud graduate of Fordham and now work at another Ignatian institution, Canisius here in Buffalo. World’s are colliding as my colleagues from put together the Catholic Mascotology Contest this week, featuring all kinds of Mascots from various Catholic Universities. Mascots like The St Joe’s Hawk and the SLU Billiken (pictured). Now …

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