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Aug 04

Do You Have the Time?

Time..don’t run out on me. It’s a phrase that I’ve mentioned often in ministry as being an element that is essential to the development of faith. I challenge spiritual directees to prioritize their relationship with God by dedicating at least 20 minutes a day to prayer with the hopeful development that 20 minutes will turn …

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Oct 01

Government Held Hostage

Art imitates life today with this scene from the West Wing. Pope Francis has been calling us to mercy and it seems there are far too many in the government who are less than merciful. Placing a last second rider to end or delay Universal Health Care to the budget is simply wrong, unethical and …

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May 10

For All That I Am, Lord

Written at the Collegeville Institute as our prayer to describe where the spirit is moving in our communities with regards to their own vocation: Thank you God for calling me into this place For the courage to be who you have made me to be For the gifts I have that have gotten me to …

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May 10

To Find the Sunrise Amidst the Rain


So I just spent two glorious days at the Collegeville Institute in Minnesota, which is one of my all time favorite places. Whether the lovely setting, the St. John’s Abbey, the St. John’s Bible, the amazing people who work there and the groups they gathered to talk about Vocation in Communities, I can’t pick just …

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Jan 24

Can One Experience Change Us Forever?


Heather Mallick has a haunting article in the Toronto Star today that several colleagues have forwarded to me today. The mother of one of the children in the Newtown shooting insisted on an open casket. She hopes it will change people’s attitudes about gun violence. Noah Pozner, 6, was one of the 20 child victims …

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Jan 07

Sandy in Long Island


I just returned from Long Island where 8 of us from St Joe’s took some time to help people effected by Superstorm Sandy. We were hosted by Fr. Ted Brown, the director of Campus Ministry at LIU Post and a LaSallette priest (His nameplate on his desk just reads Ted Brown, Friend) and he and …

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Jul 27

Are You on Rich Soil?

St. Ignatius reminds us to never make decisions when we are in desolation. Today’s Gospel reminds us of that in the parable of the sower and the seeds. Because you just have to feel for the sower, huh? He scatters all these seeds and only the ones who fall on rich soil–the soil that has …

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Jun 11

Pre-Order Loving Work…my Second Book


In November, my second book, Loving Work will hit the presses and I couldn’t be more excited. The folks at Orbis Press, especially the famed Mike Leach, have been great to work alongside. This is a book on career discernment. It is slightly auto-biographical where I tell my story of how I transitioned from radio …

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Jun 09

Are We Certain That We Are Certain?

A recent video showed a nun stating that she knows that she’s doing the will of God in her life and that because of her vow of obedience she “doesn’t live with any uncertainty” and that brings her joy. I’m sure this sister is a great and holy woman and I hesitate to criticize because …

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May 31

Are You Welcomed at Your Church?

The good folks at the Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston put this together and it expresses the idea of welcome so well. Is your parish like this? Tell us if you feel welcome in your parish.

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