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Jan 28

Under the Knife

So I’m having surgery on my hand tomorrow. It should be fine. It’s only a ten minute surgery on a tendon that is hooking on a bone and needs to be trimmed. A common ailment known as “trigger finger.” Regardless, no fun. As you know I have been a chaplain for a medical school so …

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Jan 14

Conversations with My Molester…a New Play

Michael Mack, a victim of sexual abuse by a priest has written a play based on his visit to the priest who molested him after finding out that he lived a mere hour away. Mack showed up on his doorstep. The NY Times has more. The result is “Conversations With My Molester: A Journey of …

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Sep 22

The Ministry of Physician

The NY Times has an interesting piece on Dr. Joseph Dutkowsky who sees his work as ministry and tries to bridge the gap between science and faith. Dr. Dutkowsky has made efforts to bridge the chasm between science and spirit. As president of the American Academy for Cerebral Palsy and Developmental Medicine, he had the …

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Apr 14

Healing Music

David Dawson sent this out on Facebook and it’s the most beautiful thing I’ve seen in some time:

Dec 06

Good Things Come to Those Who Wait Even Beyond the Grave

Chicago Cubs fans are celebrating at the news of former player and radio analyst, the now late Ron Santo’s election to the Baseball Hall of Fame by the Veteran’s Committee. Although Santo died last year, he nonetheless deserved to be amongst baseball’s greatest players. It’s a shame we won’t get to hear a speech from …

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Nov 22



So there are a lot of men who are growing mustaches to help raise funds for prostate cancer. First off, I’d like to say it’s great to see a group of men get organized and do something positive for other men who have a horrible disease. So our friends over at the Mets Police have …

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Jul 07

Prayers for John Brust from St Vincent de Paul in San Francisco


In the young adult ministry world there’s a few people who I have really been impressed with throughout my many travels. John Brust is one of them. He’s been a young adult volunteer minister at St Vincent de Paul and is one of those people who often just took the ball and ran with it. …

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Jun 03

Do You Have Any Regrets?


When I worked in Calvary Hospital (A hospital for terminal patients, mostly) as a volunteer my Senior year of college, I often encountered patients who would want to tell me things about their lives. Some would mention regrets, others would ask for advice, and many others would OFFER advice almost begging me to not make …

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May 09

Meeting Jesus in Misery – Update


It was the worst news we could imagine. We never expected it to happen. We thought everything was just sailing along smoothly, in fact life had been better than it ever had been. Until now… This week had been a good one for me. I wrote an op-ed for the Buffalo News that got rave …

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May 04

Is It Wrong to Celebrate Bin Laden’s Death?

Linton Weeks from National Public Radio emailed me after reading some of my comments on the need to forgive Bin Laden. And he wrote this outstanding column exploring much of the same questions. I’m quoted extensively in this so I’ll just quote from there and let you read the remainder of the column. Not ‘Our …

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