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Mar 16

Consolations of the Week

It’s been quite a week. Besides the joy of seeing a new Pope emerge, my week has been blessed with many gifts where different people offered me much to be grateful for. The first are a bunch of new students and a new colleague. Instead of our usual spring break plan of organizing and taking …

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Dec 10

Remembering Marty


My friend Phil Giubileo, over at the Play by Play blog took some time for some memories of Marty Glickman, the famed New York radio sportscaster who I came to know well during our undergraduate days at Fordham. He was invited by the acclaimed Bob Papa, now the voice of the NY Giants amongst other …

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Nov 27

Albany Loves Loving Work


Fran Rossi Szpylczyn blogged about my book at There Will Be Bread her amazing spirituality blog at the Times Union in Albany. She talks about her own struggle with career change. Let me be clear – I did not hate my old job, in fact, I loved many things about it, especially the people the …

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Oct 09

Should You Follow Your Passion or Will It Follow You?

Today’s article from Cal Newport in the New York Times gives all of us a great opportunity to reflect on our own career choices. The author comments on not subscribing to the “follow your passion” means of career discernment, but rather a more Puritan-like work ethic of working hard at whatever you do and then …

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Sep 13

Praise for Loving Work


The illustrious Fran Rossi Szpylczyn gave my book a nice pop on Not so many years ago, but in what seems to be another lifetime now, I was a successful corporate executive. Today I am not unsuccessful, but my life has taken a different path; I am a writer and I work for the …

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Sep 03

Enjoying the Right to Be Free and Work


On this Labor Day, my friend Paula Kampf reminded me of the rights of workers to be free. And that kind of reminded us of this song: My book Loving Work has been published and released on this fine day when we celebrate work. It makes a great gift for all those who have worked …

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Aug 13

Loving Work Now Available on Kindle for Pre-Order


If you have a Kindle or the App then you can order my new book, Loving Work, on Amazon. Here’s a little contest for you. Tell me why you need a copy of Loving Work and we’ll pick 3 of the best answers and send you a free copy when the book comes to print. …

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Jul 31

Your Pearl of Great Price

Warren Eckstein, the world famous pet expert, was once complaining to me about something that he didn’t like that was going on at the radio station we worked at together. He suddenly stopped himself mid-sentence… “I should stop complaining. I could be digging ditches somewhere.” This past weekend my colleague, Bonnie, who acts with me …

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Jun 14

1000 Twitter Followers@GodGoogler


I’m up to 994 followers on twitter. Be # 1000 and get a free copy of my next book Loving Work once it is released.

Jun 11

Pre-Order Loving Work…my Second Book


In November, my second book, Loving Work will hit the presses and I couldn’t be more excited. The folks at Orbis Press, especially the famed Mike Leach, have been great to work alongside. This is a book on career discernment. It is slightly auto-biographical where I tell my story of how I transitioned from radio …

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