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Mar 22

The Jesuitness of Pope Francis


So my colleagues at Charis Ministries in Chicago have asked a rather provocative question: Why Should Pope Francis attend a Charis Retreat? And so I would like to offer the Top 10 reasons why a Ignatian Retreat and specifically a Charis Retreat would benefit the likes of Papa Francisco. 1) A Transition is a Great …

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Mar 21

So Cardinal Tagle’s not the Pope…This Time

And while Pope Francis is becoming the new rock star Pope, check out Cardinal Tagle…this guy can even sing. And if this is any indication…next time out he should be kept in mind. He’ll keep this trend of the kinder. gentler Pope that everybody seems to be enjoying.

Mar 17

The Early Pope Haters Need to Give It a Rest

So I’ve been talking with many old friends and reading a lot of what people have to say about the new Pope. Many have said that when Fr. Bergoglo, SJ was the Provincial of the Jesuits in Buenos Aires, he was not well liked. One article went on to say that he “ruled with an …

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Mar 14

There’s a New Sheriff in Town


John Thavis reports on the first 24 hours of Pope Francis’ Papacy today. We saw much of the humbleness and simplicity of our new Pope last night on the Papal balcony. Here are some of my observations and then I’ll add some new events that John has informed us about: 1) Simplicity: The new Pope …

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Mar 13

A Jesuit Named Francis…A Little Something For Everyone


Habemus Papem! We have a Pope. Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio, S.J. of Argentina emerged from the conclave clad in white. A new pope and he’s a Jesuit, my favorite order and he took the name Francis, a man of peace. Sounds good so far. And it sounds like he’s a good mix of the ideological sides …

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Mar 12

To Be or Not to Be…Pope

That’s what Fr. Jim Martin, SJ is exploring…

Mar 12

Fr. Dave Dwyer, CSP in Roma

Check this out! Nice job outta you, old friend! Keep it up and enjoy the pasta and the festivities as the church elects a new Pope.

Mar 12

Conclave Day 1: Opening Thoughts on Papal Election

The Cardinals prayed together this morning for guidance and that the Holy Spirit be with them as they gather to elect a new Pope. What will happen today is fairly straightforward. The Cardinals will take their oath of not merely secrecy, but also one that says they have not be coerced in their vote. That …

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Mar 12

Welcome to Conclave

Here’s how the Conclave should start! That said… Let us pray for the Cardinals that they might be guided by the Holy Spirit. Veni Sancte Spiritus, Come Holy Spirit…fill the hearts of the princes of the Church and enkindle in them the fire of your love for the world. Help them find a Pope who …

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Mar 08

My Thoughts on a New Pope


So if I were a Papal elector, what would I be looking for? Well, I have several requirements: 1) Enthusiasm: The Pope needs to do the rah-rah stuff. He needs to be able to motivate both laity and clergy to have some enthusiasm for the faith once again. Catholicism is a dirty word in many …

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