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Nov 14

Conversations at the Gym

So I’m slowly getting back to the gym after a few nagging injuries. I actually won a free membership to a local gym that I’ll not name here, but suffice it to say it’s been a nice place to work out with two great trainers. Often I take my shower after my workout and get …

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Oct 16

Who’s the Hero of the Government Shutdown?

It’s a guy you may have never heard of named Barry Black. He happens to be the Senate chaplain and he’s the VOR. The…Voice…of…Reason. He’s a 7th Day Adventist Minister, a PhD in Psychology and a retired rear Admiral in the Navy. Check him out on ABC’s This week: Unfortunately your browser does not support …

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Oct 01

Government Held Hostage

Art imitates life today with this scene from the West Wing. Pope Francis has been calling us to mercy and it seems there are far too many in the government who are less than merciful. Placing a last second rider to end or delay Universal Health Care to the budget is simply wrong, unethical and …

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Apr 10

David Kuo RIP

David Kuo, the former associate of the White House’s Office of Faith Based Initiatives in the Bush Administration who wrote a scathing book about how the administration failed to live up to their promises for the office, died from brain cancer last Friday at the much too young age of 44. We were “virtual” colleagues, …

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Feb 01

Koch to God: How’m I Doin’?

The longtime mayor and NYC personality Ed Koch died early this morning of congestive heart failure. He was the mayor when I was a child living in suburban Yonkers and throughout my teen-age and early college years from 1978 until 1989 when he was ousted in the primary by David Dinkins who went on to …

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Dec 14

We Must Not Stay Silent

Close to 30 dead…most of them children…Suburban Connecticut… The words haunt us all. Children somehow makes this worse as if killing an adult makes it somehow easier to take. Newtown…a place people move to because it’s supposedly safer. None of it makes sense to any of us. A sadistic person, apparently only 24 years old …

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Nov 07

Will Bishops Lose Their Tax Exempt Status for Pushing for Romney?

From the Religion News Service: A public watchdog group is charging the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops with openly politicking on behalf of Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney and it wants the Internal Revenue Service to explore revoking the hierarchy’s tax-exempt status. “In completely unqualified terms, the IRS should immediately tell the Conference of Catholic …

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Nov 07

Re-Election: What Does It Mean For Catholics?


We (and I use that word purposely) re-elected President Obama for four more years. I use the collective “we” here because we now need to unite behind the President and lobby him on issues that we disagree with him on as Catholics. I’m a bit tired of all the gridlock that occurred in the President’s …

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Oct 24

Republicans Should Ask Ann Coulter to Do Community Service


Ann Coulter tweeted out this venomous line in reference to President Obama. Where do I begin? Let me start with my sister, who introduced me to mentally handicapped children when I was a little kid. She worked at a Children’s Center as an aide and she loved every second of it. One little girl named …

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Oct 17

The Catholic King of Fairness

So people should know this up front… I disagree with the President on abortion and the need to provide contraception. I believe the Bishops of our church have the right to press the administration on those issues to protect the rights of the unborn. OK? I want that to be clearly understood. Now here’s a …

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