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Jun 17

Being Led

Looking through an old retreat notebook I dug up a morning offering and thought I would share it today. Where O God, am I being led by Your love? By My love? By Your pulling and pushing, prodding and pestering? Teach me my heart’s deep desires These moments that awaken me To my truest self …

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Feb 13

A Prayer for Sarah

This morning my friend and colleague, Sarah Signorino will likely give birth to a daughter, whom she has already named Clare. So I’ve dedicated my morning prayer to her and her family, Jarrod and her little girl, Mary who is going to be the best big sister ever. If I’m honest with myself, it’s sometimes …

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Sep 26

A Dog’s Morning Prayer


Today’s morning prayer is translated from the dog. In the morning, it’s cold, but when we pray together in the morning with me on his lap, Sweatshirted I can feel the warmth Of my best friend Who is my favorite heat source On these cold mornings. He rescued me But he says that I really …

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Sep 23

Can We Heal Wounds?

When the horror of September 11th came upon the United States my friends with children fought vigorously to keep their children away from the television screen. Others even fought to keep themselves away from the images we know all too well from that day. Many wondered what to tell their kids when they returned home …

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Jul 28

From Trauma to Forgiveness

About a week ago I commented on the Treyvon Martin/George Zimmerman case and tried to look at it from both sides. I also brought up the fact that I lived in a neighborhood where I was often afraid to walk down the street alone. I was “jumped” in front of my own house once for …

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Jul 03

A New Serenity Prayer

Lord, grant me the patience to keep my mouth shut when I am annoyed. The Strength to not let anger get the best of me. And the Wisdom to seek peace always in all things. I know I can be mean to people, even those close to me. I know I can take my frustrations …

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Jul 02

A Morning Prayer


Lord, The ankle is throbbing… It hurts to walk… But others have much more pain than I do. My mother lives with pain and has… For more than 30 years. Be with her this day as I share in just a touch of what ails her body. There are people, Lord. Who must walk all …

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Apr 17

A Prayer for Peace

The sound of a bomb The screaming, the running Chaos Boston cries as do I For the senselessness of it all God cries too As he did at Lazurus’ grave He does again for the little one taken too soon For the others dead and injured. He cries too that someone sins gravely Does not …

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Mar 22

The Jesuitness of Pope Francis


So my colleagues at Charis Ministries in Chicago have asked a rather provocative question: Why Should Pope Francis attend a Charis Retreat? And so I would like to offer the Top 10 reasons why a Ignatian Retreat and specifically a Charis Retreat would benefit the likes of Papa Francisco. 1) A Transition is a Great …

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Feb 18

Change Me, Lord

Prayer doesn’t change God, prayer changes us. Kathleen Norris, the great spiritual writer was featured in the BustedHalo Fast, Pray, Give calendar today and she mentions that when we pray we ask to be changed as opposed to asking God to change something with no effort on our part, as a kind of magical being …

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