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Sep 05

Working with Joan Rivers at WOR

They say all comedy comes from pain. My late college roommate was a stand up comic and his illness was a major piece of his comedy. During the late 90s I worked with Joan Rivers at WOR Radio and I believe this was certainly true for her as well. Joan lived through the suicide of …

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Jan 03

Peace to Grant


As many of you know, I worked in radio for some 10 years. And one of the shows I worked on was a show called The Bob Grant Show. For people outside of the New York City area this may not be a household name, but in the 90s, Bob Grant WAS conservative talk radio. …

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Sep 30

She Changed the Way Americans Ate Italian Food


I was a producer for Arthur Schwartz’s Food Talk Show on WOR and I was at one of the many soirees that would be thrown by New York foodies. These parties were always magnificent but never gluttonous or ostentatious. “The good cooks keep it simple.” Arthur would remind me of this constantly. He’d always prefer …

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Dec 10

Remembering Marty


My friend Phil Giubileo, over at the Play by Play blog took some time for some memories of Marty Glickman, the famed New York radio sportscaster who I came to know well during our undergraduate days at Fordham. He was invited by the acclaimed Bob Papa, now the voice of the NY Giants amongst other …

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Sep 20

Want a Free Copy of Loving Work?


I’ll be on the BustedHalo Show with Fr. Dave Dwyer, CSP on Sirius XMin just a few minutes actually. I’ll be giving away a few copies of my book on the air so tune in and find out how you can win.

Mar 31

I Can Hardly Bear This Cute Video

Wave for the camera, Mr. Bear…. And of course this reminds me of a story. When I was in radio I worked on the Bob Grant show, one of the many conservative talk radio shows out there. Bob is semi-retired now but at one point he was the top of the charts, long before Rush …

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Mar 25

Slaughter the Baseball Player?

So as Spring Training is heating up in Florida, baseball season is not that far away. I miss being near a major league team, although the AAA Buffalo Bisons is not bad baseball indeed. Buffalo really got a the bum’s rush when they thought they’d be granted a MLB team and weren’t. Regardless, someone brought …

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Feb 23

Pop Culture and Religion = Trying Too Hard

Over on Facebook, my colleague Tony Rossi over at the Christophers blogged a piece about how Greg Plageman a longtime TV writer got into the business because he noticed his then-students were more influenced by “Saved by the Bell” then by him as their teacher. My first thought was …Saved by the Bell?? You’ve got …

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Dec 06

Good Things Come to Those Who Wait Even Beyond the Grave

Chicago Cubs fans are celebrating at the news of former player and radio analyst, the now late Ron Santo’s election to the Baseball Hall of Fame by the Veteran’s Committee. Although Santo died last year, he nonetheless deserved to be amongst baseball’s greatest players. It’s a shame we won’t get to hear a speech from …

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Aug 25

Dating God Meets Googling God


Br. Dan Horan was in town and asked if I had time to be on his podcast, so I jumped at the chance! He uncovered much in the “How I Met My Ministry” so I will let this post serve as the latest version of “HIMMM”. You can listen to his podcast here. And check …

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