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Jan 01

Top 10 Things We Can All Resolve to Do in 2013

So here’s a list of easy (or-not-really so easy) things we can all do in 2013. 1) Stop Complaining: I started this one a bit early this year when something didn’t go my way. I just looked to my wife and said, “Well, we’re just going to have start this project over!” There’s no use …

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Dec 31

I Resolved in 2012, In 2013….

So it comes down to a few more days left in 2012, which was a topsy turvy year for me. I took a look back at my resolutions from last year. Here’s the scorecard: 1) Work out every weekday: SCORE: Got to 4 days a week most weeks. So I improved until about a month …

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Jan 21

Losing Weight


So one year ago, I weighed in at around 238lbs. Today I’m around 218. So I dropped 20lbs just by exercising. My diet has fluctuated from being very rigid at times about that and then not paying much attention at all. Being on a college campus doesn’t help as food is always a nearby temptation. …

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Dec 30

Resolutions 2012

Resolutions always seem to be taken lightly, almost as if we intend to break them even as we make them. “I know I should do this…but I’m not going to.” And perhaps instead of making light or resolutions, we should take them more seriously. And by that, it means we should really think about our …

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