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Mar 24


Today marks the 34th Anniversary of the assassination of Archbishop Oscar Romero. A sad day indeed. Today nobody has ever been brought to justice. And while he has been often talked about as becoming a saint, he remains short of that title. Recently, however the Vatican has placed him on a track for sainthood. What …

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Feb 01

The Saint of Beer


Today is the feast day of St Brigid of Ireland, the second most popular saint in the Emerald Isle and I’d argue a much more Irish saint than St Patrick could ever hope to be. St. Brigid is often known as the patron saint of hospitality, first and foremost for her love of the poor, …

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Nov 01

For All the Saints


“Saints are ordinary people who have done extraordinary things.” So said, Sr. Caroline as I grew up and attended CCD classes at Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Church in the late 70s. Far be it from me to disagree with this lovely woman, but I think Saints are much more than that. They are ordinary …

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Feb 05

Remembering Arrupe


Today is the Anniversary of Pedro Arrupe, S.J.’s death. He was “the General” of the Jesuits during the changes of the Second Vatican Council and is one of my heroes. Not merely because of his great leadership of the society, but because of his great witness. During World War II Fr. Arrupe was serving in …

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Dec 03

A St Joseph Advent Prayer

Saint Joseph 041

I held him in my arms While Mary rested Overwhelmed we were A long journey behind us A longer one in front of us I rested him in the wood of the manger with the itchy hay and a donkey eating his pillow now and again. The wood called to me Working with wood Is …

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Dec 02

From the Archives: St. Joseph Who?

Fr. Jim McDermott, S.J. produced this short video with me playing the role of St. Joseph in 2008. I dug it up the other day and it still makes me laugh. And now St. Joseph is the patron saint of my parish in Buffalo. Enjoy and Happy Advent!

Nov 27

Not Dismissed So Easily


Cardinal Dolan is trying to champion the cause for Dorothy Day’s sainthood and score one more Catholic saint for the great city of New York, where Day founded the Catholic Worker, an organization that still exists today all over the world. Day once said that people shouldn’t call her “a saint”. “I won’t be dismissed …

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Nov 01

For All the Saints: St. Alphonsus Rodriquez


My spiritual director, Bro. Chris Derby, S.J. informed me that October 31 is not merely Halloween, it is also the feast day of St. Alphonsus Rodriquez, S.J. the patron saint of Jesuit brothers. We don’t often hear much about Jesuits who are Brothers, but there are many around the world who are. I’ve known Bro. …

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Oct 19

Happy Feast Day of the North American Martyrs

Today is the feast day of St. Isaac Jogues and his companions. Fr Jim Martin, SJ has a great post on these brave Jesuits who lived among the Huron Native Americans near Quebec in what was then known as New France. St. Isaac Jogues’ story is told more or less accurately in the movie Black …

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Aug 15

Happy Birthday Julia Child and Happy Feast of the Assumption

It’s appropriate that Ms. Julia Child was born on a feast day! After all, the woman knew how to feast. But Ms. Child was not unlike Mary, the Mother of God. She really understood that cooking or more importantly “mealing” was a centerpiece of hospitality. Undoubtedly, Mary also passed that trait onto Jesus, who made …

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