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Feb 05

Why People Hate Catholics and Others in the Pro-Life Movement

Perhaps you haven’t heard of the story of the teacher who was dismissed in Montana from a Catholic School for having a child out of wedlock. It seems there is a morals clause in her contract to uphold Catholic teaching and in that instance the superintendent felt he had no choice but to dismiss her. …

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Jan 24

Solidarity and Dignity

One of my colleagues woke up this morning to no heat in subzero wind chill weather. He escaped to a Starbucks with his family to get warm and to use the internet on a morning where a major project was due. It reminded me of a Winter Service Break where we had to spend just …

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Apr 25

Restoring Dignity

It’s something we’re all called to do for all people. And Ronald Davis helps us all remember this today. An incredible interview. From 22 words–which is a great site. A h/t to my fabulous colleague Susan Haarman from Loyola Chicago. I’ve been thinking much about the things that we all think are important lately. We …

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Jan 24

Can One Experience Change Us Forever?


Heather Mallick has a haunting article in the Toronto Star today that several colleagues have forwarded to me today. The mother of one of the children in the Newtown shooting insisted on an open casket. She hopes it will change people’s attitudes about gun violence. Noah Pozner, 6, was one of the 20 child victims …

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Jan 07

Sandy in Long Island


I just returned from Long Island where 8 of us from St Joe’s took some time to help people effected by Superstorm Sandy. We were hosted by Fr. Ted Brown, the director of Campus Ministry at LIU Post and a LaSallette priest (His nameplate on his desk just reads Ted Brown, Friend) and he and …

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Nov 07

Will Bishops Lose Their Tax Exempt Status for Pushing for Romney?

From the Religion News Service: A public watchdog group is charging the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops with openly politicking on behalf of Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney and it wants the Internal Revenue Service to explore revoking the hierarchy’s tax-exempt status. “In completely unqualified terms, the IRS should immediately tell the Conference of Catholic …

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Aug 25

Do We Wish to Leave? A Reflection on Sunday’s Readings 8/26

Many people leave the Catholic Church for a variety of reasons–in fact there are even some good ones. And that saddens me, our church, a human institution rife with flaws is sometimes not the best place. But what saddens me more–is that people even within the church leave as well. They leave behind some of …

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Aug 03

Racism In Southern Baptist Church Alive and Well

So this article caught my attention today: The governor of Mississippi, Phil Bryant, has said it was unfortunate that a predominantly white church in the state wouldn’t allow a black couple to get married in its sanctuary, adding that the state should encourage the union of any couple – as long as it was made …

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Jul 27

U.S. Bishops Condemn Bachmann’s Muslim Brotherhood Claim

Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.), Trent Franks (R-Ariz.), Louie Gohmert (R-Texas), Thomas Rooney (R-Fla.) and Lynn Westmoreland (R-Ga.) recently drafted a letter to various government agencies asking them to investigate the influence of the Muslim Brotherhood on various agencies in the federal government, particularly homeland security and the state department. In particular they targeted top State Department …

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Jul 12

Spiritual Pigeonholing

I’ve been at the Frank J. Lewis Institute this week with a group of first-time campus ministers. (They all think I know something about this ministry thing, so please don’t tell them I’m a moron yet). We’re all of varied Catholic stripes. Some very traditional and pious, others somewhat irreverent and earthy. Many of us …

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