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Feb 19

If Jesus had a Look Back

Dec 19

Atheists Waste Their Money With the Best of Them

I hesitate to give this more attention but, it looks like the atheists wasted a whole lot of money this Christmas. I wonder how much more they wasted on Festivus presents?

Nov 27

As God as My Witness…I Thought Turkeys Could Fly…

Nov 01

You Stay Classy, Boise

OK this is pretty funny and my favorite Halloween moment this year when a local Boise Sportscaster decides to dress up as Ron Burgandy.

Oct 16

Who’s the Hero of the Government Shutdown?

It’s a guy you may have never heard of named Barry Black. He happens to be the Senate chaplain and he’s the VOR. The…Voice…of…Reason. He’s a 7th Day Adventist Minister, a PhD in Psychology and a retired rear Admiral in the Navy. Check him out on ABC’s This week: Unfortunately your browser does not support …

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Sep 23

Can We Heal Wounds?

When the horror of September 11th came upon the United States my friends with children fought vigorously to keep their children away from the television screen. Others even fought to keep themselves away from the images we know all too well from that day. Many wondered what to tell their kids when they returned home …

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Feb 14

Do You Know Jack About St Valentine?

Feb 05

This Can Just Speak for Itself

What’s your favorite moment from this amazing video?

Jan 17

Sing a Song for the Bride

Deacon Greg always finds the best videos to share and here’s one more. This one of a wedding speech by British singer/songwriter Tom Fletcher. Oh how I wish I could sing because I would have loved to do something like this for my darling wife, Marion. Take a gander. That’s what over 8 million others …

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Dec 28

Talk About Mr. Wright

The always amazing Mike Perkins from Petrus Development pointed me towards this. Amazing. I hope that I can be as amazing at my job and as a husband as this guy is one day.

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