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Feb 05

Why People Hate Catholics and Others in the Pro-Life Movement

Perhaps you haven’t heard of the story of the teacher who was dismissed in Montana from a Catholic School for having a child out of wedlock. It seems there is a morals clause in her contract to uphold Catholic teaching and in that instance the superintendent felt he had no choice but to dismiss her. …

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Jan 19

Nun: I Had No Idea I was Pregnant

Fans of Discovery Health’s “I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant” will love this: a Salvadoran nun gave birth in Italy this week, claiming she had absolutely no idea she was pregnant. She said she was in her convent in Campomoro when she felt stomach cramps and was rushed to a hospital in the nearby city …

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Dec 19

Silent Night Without Jesus

So this isn’t even smart, never mind how offensive it might be. A choral director at a school decided it would be a good idea to perform Silent Night without any references to Jesus or Mary in order to be more inclusive. Here’s a video of the performance: OH MAN, ARE PEOPLE IDIOTS! First of …

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Dec 19

Atheists Waste Their Money With the Best of Them

I hesitate to give this more attention but, it looks like the atheists wasted a whole lot of money this Christmas. I wonder how much more they wasted on Festivus presents?

Oct 16

Who’s the Hero of the Government Shutdown?

It’s a guy you may have never heard of named Barry Black. He happens to be the Senate chaplain and he’s the VOR. The…Voice…of…Reason. He’s a 7th Day Adventist Minister, a PhD in Psychology and a retired rear Admiral in the Navy. Check him out on ABC’s This week: Unfortunately your browser does not support …

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Mar 12

Burying St. Joseph


Well, I did it! I can’t believe I did this because I’m not much for Catholic superstitions but I’m desperate. I buried a St. Joseph statue upside down and facing South-East in my front yard, because for the third time my co-op apartment in Queens (part of New York City) has failed to sell. Now …

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Feb 21

Young Adults and the Weary Church

The 40th Chapter of Isaiah talks about depending on a God despite weariness and that God never grows weary. That would include growing weary of us. What do we grow weary of? For me I grow weary of the constant infighting in the church. Here’s one good example: There were two stories written of late …

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Dec 21

Don’t They Know It’s the End of the World

So apparently today will mark the end of the world. So if you’re reading this, which I’m posting at 11:11 which is the dreaded time of said destruction then, I guess the Mayans were wrong. I have to say I was tempted to go to confession yesterday. Y’know, just in case. But the truth is …

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Dec 18

Jesus: In or Out


So the debate rages on in our house regarding this Christmas tradition: Do we put the baby Jesus in the manger or do we wait until Christmas for the bambino to make His appearance? Here’s my wife, Marion’s take. “No. You wait until Christmas Eve and when you come home from Midnight Mass you put …

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Sep 18

Then Jesus said, “My Wife”?

Did Jesus marry? At least one historian is claiming a definite maybe. From today’s NYT: CAMBRIDGE, Mass. — A historian of early Christianity at Harvard Divinity School has identified a scrap of papyrus that she says was written in Coptic in the fourth century and contains a phrase never seen in any piece of Scripture: …

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