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Aug 12

Desolation, Robin Williams and St. Ignatius

Desolation is the feeling that nothing matters, nothing can ever be set right again. God has no redemptive power and the world is meaningless. Desolation is the great abyss and Ignatius knew that we will all face it. Sometimes desolation is so severe that it takes over our minds to the point that we cannot …

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Sep 23

Can We Heal Wounds?

When the horror of September 11th came upon the United States my friends with children fought vigorously to keep their children away from the television screen. Others even fought to keep themselves away from the images we know all too well from that day. Many wondered what to tell their kids when they returned home …

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Sep 03

First Day at School Memories

While many of my friends are sending their kids off to their first day of school and my wife heads in to her first day as the new after-school coordinator at her school, I’m filled with first day of school memories. Of course, there’s nothing like that first day of school, for the first time. …

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Aug 31

Dancing Through College

So in the past few years, I have noticed an interesting phenomenon amongst millennials and I’d like to contrast it with my own college experience. So yes, this is going to be one of those “When I was your age” moments. Don’t worry millennials, you come out looking good in this one. But let’s go …

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Jul 30

And They Returned Rejoicing


So our Canisius Students returned home from Rio after spending a few weeks with the Magis Program and then of course with the world’s most famous Jesuit, Papa Francisco. Look at the energy that they returned with! A good time had by one and all. And they got a great glimpse of the Pope: It …

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Jul 23

This Might Be the Most Quotable Pope in Decades

The esteemed Dave Sampson from our diocese passed this on to me moments ago. “We need saints without cassocks, without veils. We need saints with jeans and tennis shoes. We need saints that go to the movies, that listen to music, that hang out with friends. We need saints who put God in first place, …

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Jul 16

Canisius Represents at World Youth Day

Here’s some of our students at the MAGIS Program which is an Ignatian preface to World Youth Day! Jess is awesome! Can’t wait until all of these folks get back, but am glad to see them having a great time in Brazil.

May 10

For All That I Am, Lord

Written at the Collegeville Institute as our prayer to describe where the spirit is moving in our communities with regards to their own vocation: Thank you God for calling me into this place For the courage to be who you have made me to be For the gifts I have that have gotten me to …

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May 10

To Find the Sunrise Amidst the Rain


So I just spent two glorious days at the Collegeville Institute in Minnesota, which is one of my all time favorite places. Whether the lovely setting, the St. John’s Abbey, the St. John’s Bible, the amazing people who work there and the groups they gathered to talk about Vocation in Communities, I can’t pick just …

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Apr 28

Mommy Always Comes After Nap and Snack


My dear friend and longtime colleague Ginny Kubitz Moyer has a wonderful new book out that’s perfect for Mother’s Day called Random MOMents of Grace. It’s all about her experience of being a mom and a nice addition to her very fine blog, Random Acts of MOMness which I love for the Fisher-Price toy on …

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