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Jan 06

Ripley the Dog RIP

My buddy Ripley had to be put down this week while I was away. She had been failing for some time. Ripley, was Fr. Jack’s Olde English Sheepdog here at the parish and I loved her. She was a 2 year old rescue dog from Indianapolis and she came with Quigley who left us last …

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Dec 07

Greeting Sister Death

Condolence to Br. Dan Horan at the Dating God blog on the death of his grandfather and a close Franciscan friend. It has however, given him much to reflect on this Advent and for that I am grateful for being able to read his thoughts today. Long before others will talk about the “existentials” of …

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Feb 18

Our Befores and Afters


Have you ever thought about how short our time is, and has been, on this earth? The earth has existed long before us and will (barring something cataclysmic) exist long after we are gone. This is the stuff of Lent but it is also the stuff of God who has been the Alpha and Omega…our …

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Jan 27

Memento Mori

At every cemetery’s entrance, Fr Pat Keleher tells me, these words are inscribed: Memento Mori (Remember the Dead). Today I went with the good Father over to the medical school for their Memorial Service for those who donated their bodies to the Human Gross Anatomy Lab. Indeed it was a moving day filled with an …

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Jan 11

R.I.P. – Rev. Joseph A. Novak, S.J.

The Novak brothers Joe and Vin are Jesuits who have dedicated most of their lives to the cause of mentoring and educating those who teach religion to others. They founded the Graduate School of Religion at Fordham along with Dr. Jack Nelson, an institution that I hold a Master’s Degree from and which was instrumental …

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Dec 07

Remembering Dave

14 years ago, my college classmate and junior year roommate Dave Connors died after battling a long illness. It was tough for us to see someone so young die at 25. We all were afraid and confused and frankly angry.I was a producer at a NYC radio station and upon hearing the news of Dave’s …

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Oct 27

The Worry of Death

My friend from college Nancy Keelin Tannucilli, posted a brief note on facebook tonight saying how much she misses her dad, who died 21 years ago when we were just freshmen at Fordham. You might find it hard to believe that I remember that event so clearly (I didn’t even have to do the math …

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Oct 05

A horrible baseball season…but we still look good

Here I am with my college buddies Victor (the dope wearing the Phillies shirt and hat) and Kevin. While the Mets had a terrible season, I rather enjoyed their new park, Citi Field, albeit it took them forever to at least make it look somewhat like the homefield for the Mets and not some homage …

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Oct 02

Finding Someone "Wonderfully Imperfect"

Over at a thought provoking blog “In Him We Live and Move and Have Our Being,” we find some wonderful reflections on marriage all this past week. However the capstone of these posts came down the pike today. Take a look and a listen at this: In marriage we all find out each other’s flaws …

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Sep 28

How We Die (part 2)

I was going to write about wakes and funerals today but instead I was moved by NC Sue’s response so deeply that I thought I’d give it special attention: She writes: I’ve worked as a nurse for 35+ years, and I’ve been at the bedside of the dying more times than I can count. I …

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