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Jun 24

Who is Harder to Mourn: Dogs or Humans?

Jayme Stayer, SJ over at The Jesuit Post, recently lost his beloved Basset Hound, Tristan Xavier. The pain, I assume was twice as bad as when he had to choose between his dog and joining the Jesuits. I can remember a friend described a conversation he had with the members of his religious community when …

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Aug 07

Even the Dogs Eat the Scraps

There’s a reference to dogs in today’s gospel and I will take full advantage of that to talk about my dog! Most people believe that the reference to dogs in the gospel of Matthew is a negative one. Jesus says to a Caananite women who asks his assistance “It is not right to take the …

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Jan 06

Ripley the Dog RIP

My buddy Ripley had to be put down this week while I was away. She had been failing for some time. Ripley, was Fr. Jack’s Olde English Sheepdog here at the parish and I loved her. She was a 2 year old rescue dog from Indianapolis and she came with Quigley who left us last …

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Jun 07

When A Pet Dies

Quigley, one of our parish’s two Old English Sheepdogs went over the Rainbow Bridge to be with God yesterday. It’s never easy. Fr Jack, our pastor, has been a bit sad these past days. Here’s Quigley in our 50 day video feature: I truly believe that there are are animals in heaven, so may Quigley …

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May 28

A Dog Never Leaves His Master


A Terrier Mix did the unbelievable this week. After being caught in the Twister and missing for weeks, the dog dragged his two broken front paws all the way home. Telegraph has details: Dogs have ways of teaching us things. How far do we go to reconnect with our master? I know that there have …

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Mar 12

Day 6: 50 Day Lenten Giveaway: The Doggie Mousepad

As you all know, all too well, I love dogs. When you tell people that you love dogs they tend to give you dog-like stuff. I have photo frames and figurines and a whole load of dog accouterments. We’re a dog friendly workplace, Ripley and Quigley are Fr. Jack’s Old English Sheepdogs. Sr. Jeremy loves …

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Nov 04

For Anyone Who’s Lost a Pet


This was brave of Snoopy’s best friend. Pets give us so much of themselves. I was asking Fr. Jack about whether he had dogs before his Old English Sheepdogs (Ripley and Quigley) the other day and you could see the sadness wash over him as he spoke of Duffy and Ryan, his old Golden Retrievers. …

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May 05

Some Can’t Even Teach Young Dogs Old Tricks…

Warning for some language here–but this is hysterical and makes me appreciate my mostly obedient dog even more: Let us rejoice in the silliness that is our lives–that things don’t always work out the way we hope and yet, we can laugh at ourselves anyway. For students, this week as they finish finals, may they …

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Apr 14

If a Dog is Too Hard to Love…


They say that when you look at how a culture treats its animals, you can make a direct correlation to how it treats vulnerable people as well. Jarrad Venegas, who was our crackerjack office manager at BustedHalo┬« pointed me towards this video that is the epitome of that remark. Take a quick look and I …

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Jan 10

Believe in the Power of the Doggie Jersey

I’m not much into superstitions but… The New York Jets won their playoff game over the Bengals yesterday, and more importantly, my dog haze was wearing his Jets jersey. Every time he wears it –the Jets win. Believe in the power of the doggy jersey! I wanted to get him the number “1/2″ but they …

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