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Feb 18

Change Me, Lord

Prayer doesn’t change God, prayer changes us. Kathleen Norris, the great spiritual writer was featured in the BustedHalo Fast, Pray, Give calendar today and she mentions that when we pray we ask to be changed as opposed to asking God to change something with no effort on our part, as a kind of magical being …

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Feb 14

Fast Pray Give: Day #1

Last night Phil Fox Rose inspired me and invited the 20s and 30s group at St Joe’s to take more seriously the tenets of Lent, namely: Fasting, Praying and Giving or Almsgiving. So I thought I would take his words to heart. One line in particular struck me. Phil answered a question from Dawn, one …

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Mar 07

50 Day Giveaway: Day 1: The Bucket Hat

Mar 23

How Will You Enter Holy Week?


At our staff meeting at St. Joseph’s yesterday we meditated on the Gospel that opens the Palm Sunday procession. Jesus enters into Jerusalem riding on a donkey and there is much rejoicing. Our business manager, Ken Wells, provided the insightful comment that different age groups might view this passage differently. That younger people see him …

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Feb 17

Ash Wednesday: Something Must Die


Today is never an easy day. For some, they “come out” as Catholics by having ashes drawn in the shape of a cross on their skull. Others think they are practicing a silly superstition. And still others, shudder at the following: They realize they are going to die. Indeed that is the stark message of …

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Apr 23

Reasons Lent is Easier Than Easter

Or so says an Anglican Priest Blogger Well here we are only in the second week of the Season of Easter – in fact only the 13th day of Easter and I’m willing to bet an Easter egg or two that for most the enthusiasm for this season is already waning. It was much easier …

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Mar 12

Lent: Slip Station

For those of you having difficulty with your lenten promises…check out Busted Halo’s Slip Support Station on Facebook. It’s a way to share your struggle but more importantly it gives you support to start over the next day. You can’t flunk lent. So simply begin the Lenten practice again knowing that you gave up the …

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Mar 01

Living Ignatian: God in the Crossroads

Here’s the first of a few videos of my speaking engagement with Charis Ministries: http://feeds2.feedburner.com/GooglingGod

Feb 26

40 Day Giveaway: Who got the green pumas?

I kinda dig this guy! And he gives BustedHalo.com a shout out at the end! http://feeds2.feedburner.com/GooglingGod

Feb 26

Pray, Fast, Give…King

Today Martin Luther King weighs in on BustedHalo’s Pray…Fast…Give Lenten Calendar. See what he calls us fast from as well by clicking here http://feeds2.feedburner.com/GooglingGod

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