On Saturday, I head to Nicaragua for our mission trip to the orphanage Hogar Belen in Managua (also known as the land that cool breezes have forgotten).

Please offer prayers for our group of 19 from St Paul the Apostle in Manhattan and for the children and staff of the orphanage.

I’m a bit worried about travelling with the recent liquid bombing attempt in Britian and I’m not easily spooked when it comes to travel. The government has done a good job out of scaring the pants off of us. So also pray for safe travel.

In other news regarding our trip, Marion and I have been recommended to look at other orphanages in the area as they have more children ready to be adopted (abandonment issues are taken care of, no parents, within the right age). Since we’re “older parents”– I’m 36 and Marion is, (WHACK!) ahem, a bit more experienced than I–we need to adopt a child who is around 2-5 years old. So hopefully we will be able to see who our child will be on this trip with God’s help. It’s been a trying summer for us, between moving, Marion changing jobs, and the strangeness of not knowing where our adoption plans really lie, so pray for us and for our continued committment to one another. We could use some support.

Oh yeah…and if any of you could spare a dime…

We’re still taking donations for the trip (we’re about $400 short of our $3000 goal).

Send donations to:

Mike and Marion Hayes
Mustard Seed Trip
c/o BustedHalo.com
415 West 59th Street
New York, NY 10019


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  1. Mike … I’m a big fan of the BH podcast. My best wishes and prayers to you and Marion on this exciting venture! ¡Vayan con Dios!

  2. We are adopting from Casa Bernabe (a 10 year old). They don’t have many that already have their abandoned papers or many that young. There is an agency in CA now that is working with Nicaragua and supposedly when they refer they only refer a child with abandonment papers. It’s more expensive than going on your own like we are but if you need help locating a child it may work for you. I know nothing about them other than they are the only agency I know of that handles Nica. I am not using an agency. http://www.adopt-familynetwork.com/

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