Now it can be told:

Fr. Dave Dwyer and I (pictured, above with Archbishop Michael Sheehan of Sante Fe, Archbishop George Niederhauer of San Francisco and Bishop Jaime Soto of Orange, CA) have agreed to a deal with the Archdiocese of New York and Sirius Satellite radio to do a radio show on Sunday nights on The Catholic Channel.

The show will air from 8P-10P on Sunday nights. So we hope you buy a receiver and subscription and tune in.

The show will be almost like our podcast except we’re taking live calls. 1888-3-Catholic. So call on in!

We’ll have a bunch of guests as well…and our church search feature will get expanded with guests coming on from said parishes.

Lino Ruilli (pictured, below) from Generation Cross TV and Lino at Large will also be on the channel from M-F in afternoon drive (5-8). He’s hysterical and fun to be around.

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