The launch of the Catholic Channel was delayed slightly…or at least the talk portion of the channel has been delayed. The channel did launch with things like Motzart’s Requiem being played–a nice touch, even if the station will have a much different feel once the “talk” portion debuts…or at least that’s my sense of things.

Cardinal Egan is recovering from knee replacement surgery and wants to be available for interviews, etc… so we’re waiting on him to be more available to be at Sirius in person.

Fr. Dave and I met our producer, Adam Hammay the other day. Nice guy who seems to get radio. James Liu will serve as our board operator…quiet guy but I’m sure he’s well-qualified. I’ve done both of those jobs in a past life, so I’ll be easy to work with talent for those guys–but I’ll also know when they screwed up and they won’t be able to pull the wool over my eyes (as I used to do with dopey talent who had no technical knowledge).

We’re sititng down to discuss some roles for the show. Natalia Imperatori-Lee an instructor of religious studies at Manhattan College will join us as a co-host with Fr. Dave. I’ll most likely be more of a features producer and have less of an air-presence than I do on the BustedHalo cast…but still a significant one. I’ll be doing The View from the Pew…and Bible Bootcamp. Fr. Dave seems to like having people to talk to. We don’t want to confuse the listeners with two male voices either…since a new audience will be getting used to us.

It’s all new. I have five old radio colleagues who now work at Sirius. John McDermott who is the Program Director of their comedy channels said:

“I think we all died and this is some kind of radio purgatory. It seems everyone I know from past radio jobs works here now! How cool is this?”