I wonder what the real story here is?

Some conspiracy theories that have been floated thus far:

1) He took steriods and had to flush it out of his system before a urine test (that’s the most interesting one–thus far).

2) His story just as he said it. He mixed cortizone and supplements and had a bad reaction. Possible, I suppose, but I’m not a pharmaceutical expert.

3) The most likely one: TO is a troubled young man. Once he’s out of that limelight he ceases to exist. When that happens he can’t deal.

I think TO has a lot of potential actually, to not be a jerk, and contribute much to the world outside of football. He just needs to get out of his own way and not let his media-saavy agents continue to let him be portrayed as a sleaze.

Does anyone but me remember when both Dennis Rodman and TO weren’t jerks but were actually good players and fairly upstanding citizens?

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