As Cardinal Egan nears retirement and the priests of the Archdiocese (while standing with him, of course) try to push him out a stained glass window…my man Rocco Palmo reports on rumors of the next Archbishop of NY. Archbishop Tim Dolan who is currently the Archbishop of Milwaukee. The papers also picked it up.

A funny story:

Dolan replaced the very liberal Archbishop Rembert Weakland (who ordained my old boss Fr. Brett Hoover to the deaconate) who retired amdist scandal unfortunately. When asked what difference there was between him and the slender, spry Weakland, Archbishop Dolan responded:

“About 100 pounds.”

An employee of the Archdiocese recently related to me the following about their bishop:

“I like him a lot… He is a good man and excellent with people. He’s not as conservative as he is sometimes is made out to be. Likes to have good administrators around him to keep him on task and works closely and well with them.”

So a guy who knows how to give the media a good quote and who works well with laity and administrators and is reasonably well liked by his priests and employees…

Sounds like the right guy to me.

Other candidates include: Archbishop O’Brien of the Military Archdiocese, who is a priest of the Archdiocese of NY. I doubt that he would get it. The Military Archdiocese really would hate to lose him and he would be hard to replace unless they move up Auxillary Bishop Joe Estabrook–who everyone loves.

– Archbishop John Myers of Newark–who has also been rumored for Detroit’s see and wants out of Newark in the worst way. Detroit’s a better fit for him, thinkest I.

-Archbishop Henry J. Mansell in Hartford, who is a New York Archdiocese priest and is well liked by many in New York is also a strong candidate who some would put close to the top of the list.

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  1. I am a very serious skeptic about both Archbishop’s Dolan’s ability to affect change, or even to get bureaucracies into shape. Also, I doubt that the Vatican wants to be that predictable. Speculation is therefore deadly. Check out my blog on the church in Milwaukee.

  2. Although the MKE Archdiocese is vastly smaller than the NYC Archdiocese, I have no doubt Archbishop Dolan would do great out east. Since he’s been here he has inspired new youth programs, increased vocations, and has managed a very large financial crisis – avoiding bankruptcy and avoiding a multimillion dollar deficit. If he’s passed up for this appointment, I won’t be disappointed, we’d like to keep him here in MKE.

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