So we did a “rehearsal show” the other day for the Catholic Channel. The break down of our show as opposed to the podcast is as follows:

Fr. Dave is basically the ringmaster…the main voice and host of the show.

Natalia Imperatori-Lee is the co-host and brings the estrogen to the show.

I’m sort of a hybrid. I’ll be doing “resource updates” once or maybe twice per hour and doing features like “view from the pew.” Otherwise I’ll be screening your phone calls for the show and helping our producer get guests.

Funny thing, isn’t this the job I left radio for ministry for? And yet…here I am back producing shows with a bonus on-air role.

In honesty, I’m a bit jealous of not being on the air all the time. But I also value the aspect of having a woman being on the air. It’s something that is needed in our church and Natalia is funny and bright and can hold her own with Fr. Dave…and I helped find and select her…so I’m happy the show’s in good hands.

When we reviewed the show with the Archdiocese’s Director of Communications he generally liked it. He pointed out my update as something he thought was really well done…so I took some pride in that. He liked my energy and the good information.

As usual, I knew my role and performed it well…so most likely I’ll be stuck in that role forever now. Not sure if that’s good or bad. As per my earlier post…I’m looking to shine a bit more and do more of a primary role as opposed to a secondary role. So I’m not sure if I relish the role I’m in right now…but Fr. Dave hears my concerns and values me and is trying to get me more involved in the show. I’m sure they’ll be other opportunities at Sirius anyway for me to contribute more, both with our shows and with others.

No word yet on a launch date…but we’ll let you know.