The Mets now down 2 games to one to the Cardinals.

Why? Two words: Willie Randolph.

His first bad move was bringing in Billy Wagner to start the ninth inning in Game 2. You can’t do that with guys like Wagner who thrive on the pressure situations. This was a tie game. Wagner was lackadasical and too careful with his pitch selection and thus, got shelled. Roberto Hernandez should’ve started the inning with Wagner ready in case he gave up a hit.

The second move was not moving up Perez to be the starter after a long travel night. Steve Trachsel is known for needing a lot of rest and he pitched like my sister last night. Actually, I take that back…my sister would’ve lasted longer and wouldn’t have taken herself out of the game…diabetes and uncoordination and all.

Cardinals have “Mo” on their side now. Y’all know “Mo”. MO-Mentum.
Congrats to the Tigers also–who crushed the A’s a legit team. Gotta love Jim Leyland.

But what do I know? I picked the Twins.

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