Flying on Air Canada back home. ESPN picked up my Bob Sheppard piece which made me feel a lot better about not winning any awards at Catholic Press.

I was thinking more deeply about what the award would mean to me anyway. I won a CPA award in 2004 for an article that I had even forgotten I wrote. It's a good article but the book is something I'm much more proud of. So I'm feeling weird about the concept of awards.

I also didn't write the book to win awards but rather to serve others…I believe the book is doing that and the next one will do that as well.

Right now I'm mobile blogging an annoyed at the guy next to me who has an empty seat next to him on this plane that's open so we can both have more leg room. Ugh.

But back to being self reflective… I need to have more self-confidence about my work and know that it's all good stuff. Whether that gets recognized or not. God is the only one that I try to serve with what I do…and that is more than enough.

Today's prayer: "Give me only your love and your grace…that's enough for me."

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