The bad news first: Googling God did not win EITHER award (First time author of a book or Best Book on Pastoral Ministry) it applied for at the Catholic Press Association Awards. We applied under our imprint BustedHalo Books–which is an imprint of Paulist Press.

The good news: Paulist Press won 2nd place in the Pastoral Ministry Category for Mexican American Catholics and then also took Honorable Mention in the same Category for The Practical Prophet and I Don’t Want to Go To Church (which has a cool cover).

Other winners included:

Fr. Jim Martin, SJ who is a good friend won for his great book A Jesuit Off Broadway–which if you haven’t read, is a wonderful book about his experience as a theological expert on the play “The Last Days of Judas Iscariot” which was directed by Phillp Seymour Hoffmann who is clearly a genius of an actor.

Ellie Hidalgo of Los Angeles’ The Tidings Newspaper won two awards for her fine reporting. Bryan Cones, who used to blog for BustedHalo and is the managing editor of U.S. Catholic won for two of his pieces and Eileen Markey who is one of our BustedHalo Writers also won for a piece she did for the National Catholic Reporter.

So congrats to all! As for me, I will feel better once I curl up with my dog and wife tomorrow–for now I’m drowning my sorrows with bad Canadian pizza.

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