Bolting back from Boston today after a wonderful retreat on the Cape. Fr. Ruben Patino, CSP and Rich Andre, CSP–a Paulist seminarian–joined me in providing the young adults from the Paulist Center with a retreat experience..or I should say they provided us with the experience as the retreat we design is run by young adults for young adults.

The group was a wonderful and interesting one and from several different backgrounds–a lot of people working in the public sector as teachers for low income students, healthcare, and social work; a few grad students and employees of Harvard and other Massachusetts schools.

I was privileged to be there and did a good deal of spiritual direction and led the reconciliation service. I think this retreat has legs here in Boston. The group itself was very impressive–smart, friendly and interested in their faith. The Paulist Center has a great tradition of social justice so that was indeed a focus for many.

The question box session we run was indeed fun and spilled over into our social hour in the late evening on Saturday. We also played a game until the wee hours called Apples to Apples–which is hysterical.

Blessings to the team who made it all happen.

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