Fr. Mark Mossa’s first mass was certainly an interesting affair. It was held on the Loyola, New Orleans campus and that morning it rained as it has never raimed before–flooding the area around the Jesuit residence and causing a panic–how will the newly ordained get across the now river separating him from celebrating his first mass?

Ah, with God, all things are possible. A truck was procurred to get Fr. Mark on his way. Some quotables:

“Well, this isn’t quite the way I envisioned my first mass but as it says on my ordination card: You duped me, Lord and I let myself be duped. So I guess God is just at it again.

The purificator that the wipe the oils from the newly ordained’s hands is traditionally given to their Mother. So Mom, here ya go. When you see St. Peter at the gates, just show him that and you should be good to go!