Fr Paul's radio work spanned over a long period of time and he purchased much of the time himself and then selling advertising to everyone from funeral homes to pet stores. He worked like a dog to keep the show on the air including one evening when a check from an anonymous donor came in about 5 minutes before he was scheduled to go on.
On WOR his show was called "As You Think" and it was often billed as "positive radio". Keenan acted partly as priest, espousing different pieces of tradition and partly pastoral counselor fielding listener calls from many a lonely customer looking for direction, many in their old age who were often ignored.
His WABC show which had a bigger following was called Religion on the Line and dealt with ecumenical issues. He co-hosted the show with a rabbi (who's name escapes me).
Fr. Keenan wrote several books his best seller was Good News For Bad Days which included personal reflections of his own and others to serve as a "pick me up". Fr Paul had a hearty laugh and often would shoot back a zinger to those of us in the control room who'd whisper a funny in his headsets through the talk back. My favorite was:

Me: "OK Keenan, let's see what you can do. Try not to make radios click off all over the city."

PK: Why? Are you the first guest?

I howled.

Ric Sansone, his longtime producer, often credited Keenan for making the most out of any situation. When times were tough Fr. Keenan didn't fold, he often expanded his ministry into something new. Besides the terrestrial radio shows, most recently, Fr.Keenan moved onto satellite radio on Sirius and penned a column for Catholic New York.
A longtime confidant of many in the radio business, Fr Paul's life blessed so many of us. He was so excited about the Sirius gig and the Archdiocese's committment to it…it seems somewhat cruel that he only saw it succeed for a short time.

Rest in Peace, Fr. Paul. God says your show is at 9pm Heaven Standard Time.

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  1. Could you email me his Obit? I work for Rockhurst University and Fr Keenan is an alum. Thank you!

    marie.pickard (at)

  2. I listened to “As You Think” on the Catholic Channel from the beginning and loved Fr. Paul. He was like the voice of reason and such a calming way to end the day. This is a huge loss. He was a wonderful person — this world would be a much better place if there were more Fr. Paul’s in it.

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