We were treated to a wonderful day on the Campus of Catholic University today and got two rousing lectures by Dr. David O'Brien and Dr. Scott Appleby from Holy Cross and Notre Dame respectively who spoke on Isaac Hecker, the Paulist founder and the implications of his ministry for today's group of Paulists.
Afterwards we had some small group breakouts and then we celebrated mass in memory of the deceased Paulists. Seminarian Tom Gibbons put together a wonderful slideshow of pictures of almost every Paulist who has gone before us. I nearly lost it when Fr. Michael Hunt (who many will remember from his Westside Paulist blog) came on the screen. He edited the initial manuscript of Googling God and gave it some new direction before handing it off to Fr Mike Kerrigan.

Pictured is Patti Simpson a lay pastoral associate from the Paulist Center in Boston during the procession for the deceased Paulists.

Tomorrow: More lectures and a Gala Celebration.