"He Came to His Senses"

I think that one line of scripture encapsulates much of the younger brother's repentence. He had squandered all of his father's wealth and even his asking for his inheritance was the equivalent of wishing for his father's death. Think of what that must've done to his poor father, the man who had given him everything.
His obsession with his own freedom led him into the pigsty, a somewhat appropriate place for someone who lived so lavishly. The symbolism should not be lost on us though, a jewish man amongst pigs…possibly the lowest place he could be. How could he possibly go home now?
And yet…he came to his senses and realized that his father might need another slave and swallowing his pride might just be the thing he needed to do.
He rehearses his apology…and when he gets near his home he finds his Father who has been obsessively waiting for him to return home…a son who has sold the property around his own home piece by piece and the new owners have been moving in all around him, each another sign of his son's malevolence and now that all the land is gone it means everyone has taken advantage of him and have probably left him for dead.
But now….NOW…the son returns home! Imagine the father's joy..the tears down his face as his muddy, smelly, squandering son comes home. Despite how filthy he is he goes running and embraces and kisses him.
This is exactly how God loves us too. Today may we realize the God who knows no resentment…who runs to greet us even when we are so filthy and ashamed and feel like we have wasted it all. When we feel like a pig.
Tomorrow: The Older Brother.

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