Dr. Maureen Tilly of my famed Alma Mater, Fordham spoke at Apostolst–the young adult group at St Paul the Apostle on Saints and Sinners and was remarkable.

One of the quotes I’ll keep with me is:

“Be patient: God isn’t finshed with me yet.”

How often I forget that I am a Saint in the making and that the saints are such interesting people. We (no pun here) sanitize the saints and forget that St. Francis rejected the status quo of his father’s riches and stood naked in the street. We are apt to think of him as a quiet man in a garden talking with the animals. (In truth he wanted the birds to shut up during mass).

But I think that provides me with enough reflection this week. How am I becoming more of the person that God wants me to be? How am I sharing the Gospel? How am I living a Saintly life–that’s often filled with adventure and hard choices?

This week’s BustedHalo Cast features Paul Cammarata from The SaintCast who gives us a tour of Saintly Sights.

Thanks to all for an inspiring week.