My Facebook Status Line Has Caused An Uproar

Look at all these comments from people in my Facebook network from my comment:

Michael thinks the GWB shoe thrower was a publicity stunt

Rachel Bundang at 1:01pm December 16
sad to say, my first thought in seeing “GWB” was “George Washington Bridge”.

Joanna Rice at 1:02pm December 16
He dodged it with speed and grace like it was the Vietnam War.

Mary Anne Reese at 1:38pm December 16 via Facebook Mobile
I think it would make a good alternative to all wars: just throw shoes at each other.

Michael Hayes at 2:01pm December 16
He dodged it with speed and grace? He dodged it because he knew it was coming!

Alex Swingle at 2:15pm December 16
he is an expert at ducking stuff…

Joanna Rice at 2:16pm December 16
If only his reflexes were as quick when, I dunno, the country is attacked or an entire city is suddenly underwater.

Patty Jimenez at 3:47pm December 16
OMG, I had the same thought. It looked like he knew it was coming, as if he was anticipating it.

Michael Hayes at 4:15pm December 16
Joanna – LOL—nice line. The book My Pet Goat apparently is his kryptonite.

Michael Hayes at 4:17pm December 16
Rachel–I guess people walk across the GWB and then throw their shoes over? Make a wish? Two shoes in the fountain?

Jen Martin at 5:11pm December 16
What a great opportunity for Kenneth Cole’s ad guys!

Juan Antonio Aller at 6:09pm December 16
I hope it was staged, or Obama will have a hard time not being hurt in office or worse……nice job Secret Service……

Elizabeth Fernandez Pinero at 10:10pm December 16
He didn’t know it was coming; he’s done an excellent job keeping your spoiled brat little American butts safe these last 8 years; and I hope you all get used to the terms Socialism, Nationalization and Taxation. You putzes.

I’d also like to say that the Secret Service needs to wratchet it up a notch or so if they plan on staying on the Presidential crew when President-Elect Obama takes office. Why was there no person diving to knock the shoe away? Not one of these guys moved to block the shoe. In fact, the second shoe got thrown. Shouldn’t this guy have been tackled while his arm was cocked back the first time? (Or dare I say perhaps even shot?) Why didn’t he get tackled? Because they knew it was coming. I’m 100% convinced that this was a staged event.

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