Read this awesome interview by Jack White of Interview Magazine with Cate Blanchett, one of my favorite actors.

A quick pull quote:

Jack White: So, to start off, I did some Internet research. I’m going to tell you what I’ve learned about your history, and you can tell me what is true and what is not. Okay, so you were born in Mexico and orphaned at age 1.

Cate Blanchett: Yes.

JW: And then again at age 3.

CB: Shit. That’s on the Internet?

JW: Eventually, you were raised by either shepherds or Sherpas on Christmas Island-I don’t know which one because I think someone misspelled something.

CB: And then I was kidnapped and raised by a Mormon family.

JW: Well, it says here that you slept every night with a baby goat in your arms until you were 22.

CB: Twenty-three.

JW: Then you attended an all-boys school in New Zealand, only to experience the opposite when you were transferred to an all-girls school in Australia.

CB: Well, such is the life of a hermaphrodite.

JW: After discovering America and claiming it for Australians everywhere, you set about learning to type. You never completed training in this, but it did get you to use your hands, which of course led to acting as a hand model in a series of soap commercials in France. Then you decided to drop out of high school and look for a real job, so you became an actress. How does it end, though?

CB: Then you run a theater company with your friends and your husband . . .

JW: [both laugh]

This whole interview is filled with sarcasm of this kind and it made me long for Sydney–where the Aussies all have a flair for this kind of talk (as do New Yorkers).

She also named her son after St. Ignatius of Loyola! A Hat tip to Fr. Mark Mossa, SJ for pointing me to this article.

Read it all here

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