I celebrated 2009 quietly at home after not feeling too well yesterday. Am better now and am very excited for the upcoming year.

Anybody make resolutions? Mine is to look more carefully at how I spend my time. Am I always doing what is best for me or do I spend time watching trash TV?

I also plan to read more which is a resolution I make nearly every year. I think I found a way to help jump start the reading process for me this year though. I plan to read a bunch of plays. You can read a good play in about an hour or so. While large novels or even some good religious books take more time. I think reading a play a day might give me a sense of accomplishment and encourage me to read a lot more. Besides–they’re fun. I’ve already read Doubt after seeing the movie and now I’m reading The Weir tonight which I have seen on Broadway. I bought a book of Arthur Miller and Harold Pinter plays. Pinter died the other day as well so condolences to his fans and family–what a great writer!

Lastly, after reading the book, Marley and Me and then seeing the movie this week, I realize that I love my dog and that my time with him is very limited. So I want to try to spend a lot of time working with him and taking care of him. I love taking the long walk with him every night. It probably knocks a few more pounds off of me too!

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