From the school of “am I making too much out of this?”

I believe very much in taking care of one’s parents when they get old and sick, etc. I’ve grown up with a sick mother who’s body has been degenerating since i was about 9. Somehow she’s been able to live well past many people’s expectations. My dad recently had a kidney stone and needs to have it blasted so being a good son I went up to take him for his pre-surgery x-ray.

The ridiculous thing is that the secretary at his urologist told him that she would fax his information over there and that he should call her when he arrives at the hospital and she would fax over his prescription. Naturally nobody told me any of this, so when we showed up we had to wait for an hour for the doctor’s office to open & for someone to fax over the prescription.

Eventually, it got taken care of but who has ever heard of someone doing that? Why wouldn’t you give my father the prescription and he goes when he wants to.

I’ve given up trying to figure this out.

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