Nazareth Farm is but one place that you might look into…

Nazareth Farm is a non-profit organization located in Center Point, West Virginia that is founded upon the Catholic tradition. Nazareth Farm provides the surrounding Appalachian region with home repair needs. We also provide high school and college volunteers with week-long immersion experiences based on our four cornerstones of community, simplicity, service and prayer while engaging with the Appalachian community.

They also have a superb blog that’s chock full of good reflections–for example:

There are obviously regions of the United States, and the world, that need talented individuals to give of themselves more than other regions, but wherever you are ask yourself how you can use your gifts and talents more wisely. How can you serve you family, your friends, your neighbors and your greater community? It may not be as difficult or as tangible as you think, but it definitely entails you to learn about yourself and then give of yourself. Pray about it, reflect about it, and act on it.

Discernment is always about trying to figure out to where and to what one may be called to serve. This is at the heart of the Farm’s work and it allows you to see where you fit once you leave the service experience that you engage in and then say–what can I do like this back home that I have some energy for?

Pray, think, discuss….and then go DO.

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