Happy Birthday to me! Today indeed is my 39th birthday. Interestingly enough I have spent nearly the entire decade of my thirties in young adult ministry and working for BustedHalo.com.

Birthdays are always time to reflect on not just the past year but on what we do with the years we have left. Hopefully that means many years for me–but one never knows when God will decide to call us home. So for me, birthdays are often a reminder that we have a limited number of days as well–so Carpe Diem!

Where is God calling me this year? That’s where I’ll be spending most of my praying time, in discernment on how I can spend more of my time helping others do the very same thing–discernment. It’s a particular gift that I think I have to give to others and want to intentionally try to do more of it.

I’m also trying to see how I can be more intentional about being home more. I’ve been on the road so much and miss the rhythms of being at home with Marion and the dog that I feel out of sorts. I get invited to speak a lot around the country and I like doing that but I also feel that my ministry may in fact be a bit more introvert-focused. I think the internet may have lots to teach me in doing that kind of ministry differently–in particular social networking.

But for today….let’s celebrate!

Marion’s taking me to a nice Italian restaurant tonight that I’ve wanted to try for some time. Yay!

Also, a Happy Belated Birthday to Paulist Father Jack Collins.

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