Lenten Blogging, Fetching and Praying–Oh my!

Sorry for the lack of blogging lately: I was in Chicago and haven’t quite caught up with many matters. Should be back on track now.

Lenten blogging should be an effort with all of the demands on our personal lives–seeing what it is that we must die to and then grow into a better way of being. For me, I find i can easily waste too much time on the computer. I was trying to curtail this by linking twitter and facebook together with this blog but all I did was create some ind of weird loop that repeated my name like 9 times before posting my item. Weird. Obviously I need a tutorial.

What have you decided to fast from, pray for, give to?

I am spending less time with television and the Nintendo Wii (although I allow myself a workout on Wii fit with my wife) and have given that time to my family (wife and dog). Our dog, Haze has been out of sorts lately and has started to act up. I fear he’s too lonely sometimes–so I’m paying some extra attention to his training. He fetched a ball twice in a row yesterday and I was very proud of him.

My prayer life has grown thus far as I take time to see what energizes me and what doesn’t and that has helped me grow in new ways and notice new things. In many ways, this blog has been a prayer for me and I’m glad i can share that with all of you.

BustedHalo’s Fast, Pray, Give calendar seems to be a big hit thus far. It’s unflunkable. So check it out–that’s helped me too!

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  1. What have you decided to fast from, pray for, give to?I have decided to fast from secular music…christian/gospel only on the iPod! Which is HARD because I’m such a big music fanactic! But it’s amazing how a little Mary Mary in the morning energized my spirit before work!I’m fasting from beef, flavored drinks, and fried foods. I’m in deep prayer for a mentor.I would like to give my time to HIV/AIDS awareness in Chicago. If anyone knows of any volunteer opportunities, send them my way!nola.divine@gmail.com


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