And for what else shall we pray?

Prayers today are needed for:

1) The family of my college friend Eloy Luis Bello who died in his sleep in Ottowa after suffering a stroke.
2) Sr. Eileen McCann from the US Bishops’ Conference staff whose Father died this week.
3) My mother who has caught pneumonia and is now hospitalized. She’s 80 years old so that’s fairly serious.
4) A safe return home for Fr. Dave Dwyer this weekend after a lot of fund raising in Colorado and the LA Congress.
5) Birthday prayers for three college friends: Michelle Gillan Larkin, Mike “Crash” Caragliano, and Victor “Tiny Bubbles” Mendoza.

And for what else should we pray?

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  1. For Peg Lozano, sister of my former pastor, who was killed in a car accident.For Patricia, whose mother died on Thursday.For Chris, who is struggling with some medical issues.For all who are in need in any way, may we all continue to follow God and support one another.Fran


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