Some years ago I had the great joy of attending a mission trip to Nicaragua with Mustard Seed Communities–a charity that takes care of abandoned and disabled children in thrid world countries. It is an experience that moved me greatly and made me not only much more sensitive to the needs of the poor but also the needs of poor children.

Last night, Martha’s House in Kingston Jamaica, home to thirty children with HIV/AIDS, burned to the ground.

Friends of mine went to this community in Jamaica as well and were very moved by the children there. One even said that if he could only have one memory in his old age he hoped it would be the memory of the children saying the rosary in the morning “as best they could.” Kids with cerebral palsy, HIV, AIDS, and mental handicaps as well all make an effort to say the rosary each and every morning for their needs and for the needs of the world. Beautiful.

Thankfully, all of the children and caregivers were able to escape from the burning building. This was in large part due to the help of many people from the local community who came to their assistance.

These children, many of whom are under five years old, are now left very confused and are filled with much stress. Imagine not having very much to begin with and now losing your home and all your belongings! The little girl who loses a teddy bear that gives her security or a little boy who suffers from HIV who now can’t even play ball in the day–the one thing that gives him pleasure.

While the children are safe at another one of Mustard Seed’s homes area, they will soon need permanent housing.

Although they have not yet received a full report from the Fire Marshall, the fire is believed to have been caused by a short from the electrical pole outside of the home.


As is often true in disasters such as these, our immediate need is for funds and goods to replace what the children have lost. To donate funds online go HERE to make a donation.

You may also send funds directly to MSC USA development office at: 29 Janes Avenue, Medfield, MA 02052 or contact Laura Doherty, Executive Director, at 508-242-9622.

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