Fr. Jenkins trip to DC to visit Obama?

Yesterday some reports spun around the net regarding Notre Dame’s President Fr. Jenkins taking a trip to Washington, DC on the Notre Dame Charter.

OK, as an aside I find it hysterical that Notre Dame has their own plane.

Many sources assumed that Fr. Jenkins was there to meet with President Obama.

American Papist reports that this is not the case, or at least not the initial purpose of his visit to our nation’s capitol.

Now an informed source tells me that Fr. Jenkins is in town for a multi-day seminar/symposium for high level Notre Dame donors, which has been planned for some time now and involves several speakers and events. Because the activities are private, they were not “advertised” to the wider public.

Of course, just because Fr. Jenkins has good reason to be in DC besides meeting with Obama, doesn’t mean he might not have attempted to meet with him while he was in town. I’m trying to track down that possibility next.

Indeed a good journalistic point. Even if he does meet with him, so what? What does that mean? Is he recinding the offer? Giving him dos and don’ts for the speech? Providing him with the secret recipe for making the perfect Notre Dame shamrock waffle? Hoping to make Bo the new Notre Dame mascot? (Fighting Portugese Water Dogs doesn’t really roll off the tongue though!) Or is the first step in Notre Dame’s attempt to take over the world?

Maybe he’s also got ideas on who that Vatican Ambassador should be?

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