Hat tip to Deacon Greg for this tidbit:

Caroline Kennedy is rumored to be considered to become the Ambassador to the Holy See (The Vatican City-state for those less theologically literate). This is sure to be a fruitless exercise as there is no way the Vatican would accept her nomination with her pro-choice record.

And they shouldn’t. Because there are plenty of others who could in fact, fit the bill. Two come to mind: Senator Bob Casey (D-PA) and Congressman Lincoln Davis (D-TN). My guess is that the President might not want to remove either of them from their congressional positions though and perhaps we might not want to lose two votes for life in the congress either.

I think perhaps a good solution might be to ask Virginia Governor Tim Kaine who is the head of the DNC for a recommendation. Especially with Republican Chairman Michael Steele recently saying that he supports a pro-choice position, Kaine may be able to work for bi-partisan support now for life more than ever before.

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  1. I think everyone in the know understands these rumors are nonsense. The new Administration has a lot on its plate. There is a certain sequence appointments have to be made. They are no where near ready to start vetting Vatican picks.

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