After experiencing stomach pains Cardinal Edward Egan of the Big Apple was hospitalized at St. Vincent’s Hospital. Rumors of the Cardinal’s ill health have been floating around the NY Archdiocese for some time.

Originally the Cardinal was said to be having a pacemaker installed tomorrow, putting his participation in Holy Week services, for the final time here in Gotham in jeopardy–even with it being an outpatient procedure.

Rocco Palmo had the scoop as usual from the grand poobah of Communications in NYC’s Chancery:

After further consultation with his doctors, the pacemaker implant for Edward Cardinal Egan has been temporarily postponed. The pacemaker will not be installed on Monday, April 6, as was announced earlier today.

The doctors explained that for the Cardinal the implant was not an emergency procedure, and could wait until his stomach ailment had improved and he has an opportunity to regain some strength.

Decisions about the Cardinal’s participation in Holy Week services will be made when the Cardinal is feeling better and with the input of his doctors.

The surgery to implant the pacemaker will be scheduled for a later date.

As I pray for the good Cardinal and ask you to do so too, I also ask for prayers for my mother who was also hospitalized yesterday with her recurring stomach ailment. At her 80 years old to the Cardinal’s 77, there’s no doubt that it’s tough to get old never mind keeping up with the usual schedules that either would like to keep in their golden years.

This Holy Week when we hear of the sufferings of Jesus let us remember that suffering still exists in the world–not just for people like Cardinal Egan and my mom but for more than 3/4 of the world who live on less than $3 a day. Let us dedicate our own prayers to all who long to be free of suffering.

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