We’ve been burning up the Facebook comments today. So I thought I’d share some thoughts on the reactions that folks had to my posts on Mary Ann Glendon:

Paul Snatchko at 11:29am April 27
You can see the sadness in her letter. It’s unfortunate that it came to this.
Mike Hayes at 11:38am April 27
True. But it’s a dumb decision I think
Paul Huesing at 11:41am April 27
Mary Ann Glendon is many things, but dumb she is not.
Gaurav Shroff at 1:13pm April 27
She rocks. Good for her! And dumb she is not. Nor is this decision dumb. And yes it is profoundly sad as well.
Jennifer D’Amico Frankenbach at 2:27pm April 27
Why is it dumb Mike? She’s standing up for her convictions which, as we all know, is not easy.
Philip Schweiger at 3:19pm April 27
Did the same folk who oppose Obama speaking at ND oppose Sec. Rice speaking at Boston College? Or is torture a lesser evil than abortion these days? I think this whole boycotting of speakers is deeply unhelpful. Makes the church look like just another political group, no more special or worth listening to than any other special interest.


Mike Hayes at 5:23pm April 27
If she really wanted to stand up for her convictions she’d challenge the President on his viewpoints and would tell the story of why she is so convicted. That would change the lives and probably the opinions of lots of people.

BTW–I didn’t say that Glendon was dumb–that’s putting words in my mouth at best and a lame attempt to paint me with a broad stroke at worst.

But her decision is downright awful. She takes herself out of the game here. Hundreds if not thousands of people have no idea who she is nor what she stands for. She had a captive audience waiting for her and it probably would have received a lot of press coverage. but she stood down because the view from the cheap seats is a lot more comfortable.
Mike Hayes at 5:25pm April 27
BTW–I am 100% against abortion. But I don’t think that anyone is ever going to change their opinion on the matter because we start calling people names, outsiding them from conversations or creating ghettos that silence debate.

Lastly, if we really cared, we wouldn’t care who was speaking anywhere. We’d all be too busy trying to help mothers choose an alternative.

Thanks to everyone for their thoughts and for keeping the comments as always, charitable.

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0 thoughts on “Facebook comments on Mary Ann Glendon”
  1. I am flabbergasted at Glendon’s move. It saddens me beyond belief for reasons that you stated as well as others.

    I am often criticized for saying what I am about to say and may be criticized here.

    At the end of the day, I have a hard time imagining Jesus declining the invitation… I think this sort of move feeds the image of angry Catholics taking their toys out of the toybox and marching off.

    How else can evil be vanquished other than by direct engagement of some sort?

    Honestly, am I missing something here?

    As always, I am reminded of Zaccheus and the imperative that Jesus must dine with the worst guy in town. I really can’t see Jesus backing out at the last minute.

    When position staking is it and conversation is over, how can there be metanoia, transformation?

    We focus so much on evil that real transformational opportunity is missed.

    OK, shutting up now.

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