Come on out and take part in our next Busted Halo Charis Retreat which will have a service component. We’re calling it The Busted Halo Charis Sandwich Army. We do these retreats in conjunction with Charis Ministries –essentially we are their New York “affiliate.” They are an opportunity for people in their 20s and 30s to share their faith, hear about how others are expressing their faith and in this case perform a bit of service.

Here’s the details in a pinch:

When and Where: Saturday May 16
At Busted Halo HQ

Cost: $30

We’ll spend the morning making bag lunches (Hearty Sandwiches, fruit, juice box, candy bar) and decorating the bags for the homeless. We’ll then hit the streets of NYC and give away the meals to homeless men and women at various locations. We’ll return to BustedHalo Headquarters where we’ll have Mass and an opportunity to share your experience of the day with others and learn a bit about Catholic Social Teaching in a fun and interactive way.

Follow -up:
After the retreat we will ask the group to continue to give sandwiches away throughout the week and to share on our Facebook Page who they gave their sandwich to and what that experience was like and perhaps even where they have found God in the experience. Should be good reading and I’ll even share some of those experiences on this here blog with permission.

If you are interested in joining us: email me:

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