David Gibson has a post on a remarkable survey from the Pew Forum on the public opinion of the effects of Global Warming broken down by religious denomination. Here’s a graph on some if it.

I was more surprised at how many people do believe in this as opposed to do not. And there’s no surprise that some of the more fundamentalist denominations do not.

About 70% of White Catholics believe on some level and even more mainline protestants.

But here’s some astounding numbers based on political affiliation:

The latest national survey by the Pew Research Center for the People & the Press, conducted April 23-27 among 1,502 adults, finds that the already substantial partisan divide over global warming has widened in the past year. Fully 84% of Democrats and 75% of independents say there is evidence that the earth’s temperatures have been rising, compared with just 49% of Republicans.

Among Republicans, far more moderates and liberals than conservatives say there is evidence of global warming (69% vs. 43%). However, the proportion of both groups expressing this view has declined since January 2007.

Have the republicans missed the pictures of the polar ice caps or is Newt Gingrich up there with a hair dryer and a sunlamp?

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0 thoughts on “Who Believes in Global Warming?”
  1. *Snort*
    Sunlamp… hair dryer.

    Oh man. I almost spit my wine on the keyboard. I think this goes into my twitter update, yes it does indeed.

    And actually, not a funny topic at all. I knew someone that used to go to Greenland a lot and the photos and words that he had for the changes over there were heart wrenching indeed.

    Stewards of the earth we must be.


  2. The red wine doesn’t go well with your computer screen. I just can’t believe that people still don’t think it exists at all. I can believe that people don’t think we’ve zeroed in on what’s causing it (pssst…It’s us!).

  3. It is us… which is why God longs for us to return to with our whole hearts. If we could do that, we might realize that the boundaries of sin may be very different than what we have come to understand.

    I do not say that in a punitive way, but rather that metanoia is always possible for us, for our world, for God’s kingdom.

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