Congrats to the New Brooklyn Deacons

I spent the morning watching the entire ordination mass for the 20 new Brooklyn Deacons on Net TV. Just a note, but when was the last time you heard a diocese or religious order ordaining 20 new priests?!

I’m just sayin….

Deacon Greg, a Brooklyn Diocese Deacon himself, has great pics–one of which I have stolen and therefore offer a h/t to him for with the recommendation that you go and check the rest of them out as well.

Twas a beautiful ceremony. I was particularly impressed with seeing the differences between a priest’s ordination which I have seen several times and a deacon’s ordination which I think I’ve only seen once before. In particular the candidates promise the Bishop their obedience to him as well as his successors. This is followed by the laying on of hands by the Bishop (which differs from a priests ordination where all the priests lay hands on the candidate. And lastly, the book of the Gospels is given to the Deacons. The last part offers one of the more beautiful lines in the church parlance:

“Receive this book.
Believe what you Read,
Teach what you Believe
and Practice what you Teach”

So congratulations to the class of 2009 and may God continue to bless your ministry and may we be blessed by your dedication to God’s people. A special word of thanks to the wives of the Deacons who sacrifice much of their family time so that their husbands can serve the church.

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